Mema Whanau

Mema Whanau (Associate Member):

A Mema Whanau is considered an active or non-active member of the Association. An active Mema Whanau similar to Mema Kura physically attends and/or participates in the Association activities however does not have children enrolled in the school. A non-active Mema Whanau is someone who does not physically attend and/or participates in the Association activities or have children in the school (unless the children are registered by another legal guardian). The purpose of a Mema Whanau membership is to allow Whanau and Friends from near or far to be able to contribute directly to the Association in support of Moko/Tamariki/Whanau.

Membership is free.

Membership includes;

  • Access to all roopu activities and organised events;
  • Provided with regular communications and panui;
  • Eligibility to attend and participate in all meetings held by the Maori Culture Community of Geelong Inc however does not have the right to Vote;
  • Allows members to scrutinise all public records;
  • Your right to participate equally in our community.

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